Watch the Throne, Return of Hip-Hop

        After a short 5 days the highly anticipated album Watch the Throne has shot to number one in 23 countries. The collaborative efforts of musicians Jay-z and Kanye West proved to be a perfect combination. As leaders of the elite, Jay-Z and Kanye West have once again created a stir in Hip-hop beginning with there hit singles H.A.M. and Otis. As most pioneers do, the duel took the less conventional rout promotions wise. Most artists would lose their shirts releasing two singles followed by an album. With 14 number one albums between the two this was a simple strategic approach they felt necessary. With no video prior to release, the results of sales shows their impact in the industry. To make things even more unorthodox they released the album exclusively to i-tunes prior to release of the hard copy.

 The hard copy has been printed as a deluxe edition hitting shelves 5 days after the i-tunes release.  Upon release a list of efforts were made to promote. Radio, release parties, and press releases were just a few measures taken. This illustrates the direction music is taking and the effects technology and Internet has on the music industry. Popular music has shifted from rock and roll to the hip-hop culture which is continuing to opening up to a wide array of artists. Social media is responsible for this shift, granting followers an opportunity to critique and have a first hand look at the product before its released. This poses as an advantage for entertainers to plan their next move. Ultimately, the album is a collection of edgy sound and classic Kanye West production. The subject matter is relevant, fun, and autobiographical. With the word play of questionably the best rapper of all times there is no wonder Watch the Throne has experienced such success so early on. Appearances include Beyonce, Frank Ocean and Swizz beats.



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