NBA Tuesday Streaming Live/ College Hoops

Loudest Out 1/31/12


Warrbuckss- Why They Talkin?/Hold on feat. Mac Lethal (Official Videos)

Seldom you hear about hip-hop artist from Oklahoma  City. Warrbuckss is looking to change that trend. As a self promoting indie artist his potential is proven with these two records. Though the Thunder took a tough loss last night the city is obviously still winning. Remember where you herd it first. Check his site out at http://www.warrbuckss.com/ and follow him @Warrbuckss on twitter. #Holla...


Loudest Out 1/29/12


NBA Monday Streaming Live/ College Hoops

The Soulstice-Wake Up/Scars/One time

I met this guy at an open mic in Winter Park Florida. The evening was a little dull until the Soulstice stepped up. I had to put him up here for the indie fans out there. Check him out and leave your feed back. Here are a few tracks written under the productions of the legendary 9th wonder. I must say its a good combination. You can find more of this kid on youtube at MF-Wonders or on twitter @DJCHEECH. #Holla...