The Lyrical Globetrotter: Sellassie

Sellassie is the definition of a conscious emcee. Residing from the streets of San Francisco; there is no surprise his thoughts are so abstract.  As an Independent hip hop artist, activist, and entrepreneur Sellassie experienced success with his acclaimed debut release ‘Im tryin to make a livin not a killin’. The self-taught street poet speaks of in depth thoughts of the world around him through music.  You may see him virally, passionately reciting lyrical hymns or discussing modern day challenges for African Americans. Not only is Sellassie an advocate for his native land of California, he travels the United States and abroad extending the opportunity for others to be heard as well.
The 2 racks rap competition presented by Inhouse talent and hosted by Sellassie has become a main attraction as of late.  The team is creating a movement of upcoming independent hip-hop. 2racks is a fast paced, single elimination rap completion where emcees perform for industry and professional judges.  The winner takes home $2,000. The team has produced over 80 successful shows in two years, and in 15 different markets.  One thing that’s consistent with each show is the energy Sellassie and his establishment provides. Cultural awareness, art, and entertainment are on display at its highest level. The 2 racks rap completion may just be coming to a city your way. Check the link for more info. Here is a record by Sellassie called ‘Come Home’, check it out:


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