Music Monday with Meek Mill

        A year ago if you would have asked someone who is Meek Mill they might have looked at you like you were insane. If you ask that same person the same question today they will give you the same look but for different reasons. After inking a major deal with Maybach Music group just 8 months ago Meek has been hard at work. Releasing two major singles ‘Tupac back’ and ‘Ima boss’ ft. CEO Rick Ross, the young Philadelphia rapper is quickly establishing his place in the Rap game. Now what’s upon us is Meek’s ultimate body of work to date; Dream Chasers hosted by Dj Drama. Nationally this compilation is sought but if you go to his native Philadelphia it’s more like a phenomenon. For the past few weeks since its release it’s all you hear. 8 of every 10 cars have this Mix tape on repeat. The city hasn’t witnesses a buzz like this since Beanie Sigel and the Roc a fella days. Here is one of my top tracks off the Mix tape. Hit the link: (Dream Chasers) to download and decide which tracks you like the most. 

             Ima boss video shoot; shot by legendary director Benny boom.

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