The Biggest Boss Gets Bigger

        In Recent Hip-hop Entertainment news Rapper and Mid-South native Rick Ross is adding restaurant owner to his business resume.  Born in Coahoma County Mississippi, rapper and Maybach music group CEO Rick Ross is not only recording multi platinum albums, he is also moving into the Mogul category. After tasting the Zing and pepper flavored wings for the first time in Miami, Ross stated he knew this was a franchise he could invest in. To illustrate his gratitude for the Wing stop organization Ross mentioned the Franchise in his biggest record to date titled MC Hammer.  Ross is buying into the national restaurant franchise Wing Stop.  The annually growing establishment has over 479 locations nation wide. Other noteworthy investors include NFL hall of famer Troy Aikman. The first location is set to open in Memphis Tennessee this fall.
            As an inspiring Entertainment company owner this is a very knowledgeable event. In order to keep revenue accumulating you must diversify business ventures. This is not only evident in Rick Ross’s case but also Hip-hop powerhouses that came before him. Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Sean Combs, and Master P just to name a few. These are all entertainers who eventually began to invest in projects outside of the entertainment world, acting as true entrepreneurs opposed to simple entertainers. This business mind is what is necessary for survival in today’s market. The key to financial stability is knowing the difference between assets and liabilities. At the end of the day it’s not what you earn but what you keep. Business is business and having the ability of crossing markets is a testament to your success in initial endeavors. Ultimately this is more of a reason to strive for perfection in the market, the possibilities are endless. Allowing one business to grow while raising another is an entrepreneur’s dream.  



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