All-Star Weekend Updates...

Last night Citified hit the town to check out the early festivities. As we all know All-Star Weekend 2012 is live in Orlando and Citified will be front row all weekend so stay tuned. The town was surprisingly Melo, not to much traffic. We stopped past the Amway Center as you see, everything is blocked off. Pretty cool view though.
Directly across the street we ran into Marcus and Markieff Morris. Better Known as the morris twins. They were posted at Club Draft when we noticed them standing in line. Time out, as my man @TellemYuMadPoe  said "That Thang Aint Right". The Twin Philly natives, Kansas University standouts and current NBA Rookies were standing in Line. Lets Get it together  Club Draft. Nevertheless it was all love they were cool dudes and draft yall cool too, just get it together. 
Next we walked  down to Club Vain on Magnolia Avenue and ran into the homie Dwayne Wade. He was fresh off the jet from Miami to make his appearance. The people were live to catch the NBA Champion strut across the red carpet to the VIP. Fresh off the Knicks behinds my man hopped out the All Black truck to enjoy his evening. #Respect. S/O to Cotte Tdfb for the flick. 
On the way back from club vain we ran into Ace Hood. Booping the streets with a small entourage playing on his phone. He was cool too said "whats good" and kept it moving. This is only the warm up to the Citified ALL-STAR weekend so stay tuned in. We  are going live from downtown tonight via our UStream account. #Holla at yall in a minute. 

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