Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

In 2007 the drop out rate for Detroit area students was 30%. In 2011 that number has dramatically been reduced to 19%.   This is all thanks to former NBA star Jalen Rose. Jalen has made a humbling transformation from his childhood years as a Detroit native. Going from a scrawny college prospect to an NBA superstar gave him perspective.

Today Jalen is a TV analyst and founder of a Charter High School; The Jalen Rose Leadership academy. Rose also has an endowment with his al ma matter Michigan. “The key to a good job is education”, Rose is working diligently to encourage Detroit youth to get an education to better their lives.  So far the academy has created scholarships for over 40 kids in the last 10 years.  Though this number seems low on a larger scale it would have potential. 20% of Detroit’s population lives of less than 10K a year.  The need for a solution has well been over due. Yet Rose’s charter school’s have made Detroit public schools better. The school system is benefiting from its contributions and their tactics are being noticed. A key to the success is that they up the antae. Longer school days, tutoring programs, longer school years (170-210 days), and 6 Saturday classes were all implemented. As explained by Jalen, Charter schools are hybrid schools, something of a mixture of private and public school. As charter schools they have the right to implement what they thin is right curriculum, social, and economic wise. Rose Suggests parental choice for student placement.  The foundation plans to go scale in 2015.

If one man with wealth can make an impact like this where is his help? So much we celebrate other individual’s accomplishments and respect them for a talent. We should start respecting those who make a real change. Just a thought. 
Jalen on Fox News         

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