TedTalk for Hire

Citified Productions is a company, which will thrive off creativity. There is a business plan for the company but what’s as important is the ideology. There is a certain approach to creative production, which Citified must attempt to capture.  An idea is a single thing, in order to develop useful ones each idea must be captured. In an attempt to strengthen my business plan I reviewed some "TedTalks". Sir Ken Robinson delivered the first presentation I observed. Robinson asked an interesting question; do schools kill creativity? Though I didn’t necessarily agree he did mention some interesting points.  Robinson observed that creativity is as important as literacy yet it's not treated as such. Jeremy Gutsche also provided some great insight. Jeremy spoke of innovation and how it’s most effective. He mentioned that some of the most influential products and companies were created during an economic downslide. Identifying needs from this prospective is definitely something to consider. Steven Johnson next discussed where good ideas come from. This was the most informative talk I noticed.  Citifed’s position in the entertainment market will depend primarily on creative thoughts. The last TedTalk I reviewed was presented by David Brooks. Brooks explained how a person reacts to incentives; this is a position the company must build from. Brooks explains that we must develop a revolution in consciousness. Most importantly emotions are at the center of our thinking, emotions are not separate from reason. With some of this information the Citified business plan will surely be strengthened. In the near future the company will attempt to create the future and creativity will be on the forefront.

Ted Talks found on YouTube:
1)   Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
2)   Innovation keynotes speaker: Jeremy Gutsche
3)   Steven Johnson: Where do good ideas come from?
4)   David Brooks: The social animal 

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